Saturday, November 6, 2010


Well, where the heck have I been and what have I been doing?? I haven"t been anywhere and I am now finally back in the swing of things(I hope) and am in a Winter/Christmas DYB RR in CQI. This is the 1st block that I received to work on which belongs to Cathy L.. You see in a DYB RR we have to make up 6 -6" blocks and each girl does one complete block. We send around a little book to go with the blocks requesting what we would like to see on our blocks. Cathy just said do what Christmas means to you & have fun! So I chose this block with this adorable little girl and went to town. I surrounded her with pine boughs with sequins & beads. Also every spot I could find I added snowflakes! Then we have a lightpost similar to this one at the end of our driveway (dooryard for my friends in Colorado) and I thought it would look nice on this block. So Cathys blocks were mailed off Nov.1st to Lorrie in Canada to work her magic on another block!
I have now received Wendys block and have picked one and having a ball working on hers as well. Her request was to stick to winter rather than Christmas...When I have her block finished I"ll post a pic...In the meantime I"ll leave you with this hint....Have you ever looked in the winter sky and seen a snowman sleeping on a lacey crescent moon??? While were on the subject of snowmen, do you think if a snowman farts does his butt melt?? I"ll leave you with that thought!


  1. Love your Christmas stitches my friend! Sure missed ya at the retreat. I wish I could see a more clear picture of the holly leaves you used on the lightpost, but it looks like the one in the Inspirations books, A-Z Ribbon Embroidery. Good to hear you're back in the "swing" of things. And, I get a kick out of your humor.. hehe! What a thought!:)
    Hugs, ~Ing in S. Cali.

  2. Must admit I'm sitting here laughing like a loon at the mental picture of a snowman with a melting butt!!! Your lightpost is great, btw.

  3. What a JOY to visit you. BEAUTIFUL WORK! Wowzers! Such talent God has blessed you with.

    Happy Pink Saturday~

    Love to you~


  4. So that gorgeous lantern I've seen is yours! Very, very, nice!