Saturday, November 20, 2010


Good gravy, what is wrong with me anyway? This blogging thing is not getting any easier for me. The link I posted again still doesn"t work, now I can"t remember how to get rid of it SO please bear with me as I try to do this again. To check Rebeccas gorgeous give-away please go to her blog at (gee I hope I get this right before it"s too late to sign up)

Correction-Rebeccas blog

Oh dear Rebecca, I"m so sorry I got the link wrong for your please everyone check here...

ANOTHER Give-away from Rebecca

Rebecca from A Gathering of Thoughts is having another gorgeous give-away. This time you can win this delightful pink snowman pillow, matching card & tea-bag! Who wouldn"t love a snowman, and a pink one at that! Check out Rebeccas blog at

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Gorgeous Give-away

Rebecca from A Gathering Place is having a very sweet give-away. This beautiful lavender filled sachet with gorgeous laces, milanary flowers and ribbons. Hop on over to her blog and while your there check out her etsy shop with all its delights. Tell her I sent you

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crinkle Ribbons

I did a little experiment the other day. I had seen on the internet that you can make your own crinkle ribbon with seam binding! I had a few old pkgs. in my stash (original price, 19 cents)! You wet it, scrunch it up, dry it, scrunch it again, and there you have it, easy peasy, crinkled ribbon! I"m sure this will make gorgeous flowers.
Even when you stretch it out it still holds its crinkles..I"m pretty sure every thrift store around has old seam binding that somebody did not know what to do with! As they say, "One mans trash, is another mans (womens) treasure!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Well, where the heck have I been and what have I been doing?? I haven"t been anywhere and I am now finally back in the swing of things(I hope) and am in a Winter/Christmas DYB RR in CQI. This is the 1st block that I received to work on which belongs to Cathy L.. You see in a DYB RR we have to make up 6 -6" blocks and each girl does one complete block. We send around a little book to go with the blocks requesting what we would like to see on our blocks. Cathy just said do what Christmas means to you & have fun! So I chose this block with this adorable little girl and went to town. I surrounded her with pine boughs with sequins & beads. Also every spot I could find I added snowflakes! Then we have a lightpost similar to this one at the end of our driveway (dooryard for my friends in Colorado) and I thought it would look nice on this block. So Cathys blocks were mailed off Nov.1st to Lorrie in Canada to work her magic on another block!
I have now received Wendys block and have picked one and having a ball working on hers as well. Her request was to stick to winter rather than Christmas...When I have her block finished I"ll post a pic...In the meantime I"ll leave you with this hint....Have you ever looked in the winter sky and seen a snowman sleeping on a lacey crescent moon??? While were on the subject of snowmen, do you think if a snowman farts does his butt melt?? I"ll leave you with that thought!