Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This is the corner I said I was going to have as much surrounding me as I possibly could. And I did! Sewing machine central...
Well I couldn"t have EVERYTHING around me, so if I need anything over here I actually have to get up from my comfy chair. The wooden cabinet to the left is something my son made for me for Christmas one year...it"s got my supplies for dying and stuffed with fabric as well.
This little form I bought when I went to Colorado last year..See the neat butterfly, I am supposed to try and make one of these. The wings will be easy enough but I"m not quite sure what to use for the body as it needs to be pretty sturdy. Any ides ladies please let me know.

More pics tomorrow of a few of my all time favorite things I have surrounding me in my sewing room...oh yeh, all moved in but haven"t done any stitching at all. Super busy with yardwork, yardwork, yardwork!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sewing room almost ready

Had to sneak in a picture of my little (ah, I mean big-112 lbs.) helper! This is Bentley, he"s a Choclate Lab and I would love to have 1/2 of his energy.. This is the corner that I will have as much stuff surrounding me as I possibly can. The room is clean, ceiling painted, walls washed and carpet cleaned. Yes a RED carpet, and it"s staying.

This is my "thread tree". It really is a towel holder for the bathroom but now it holds some of my threads.

Sneak peek at some of my organizing, old jewelery parts, charms, faces and large beads.

My lace motifs.
I am actually almost done moving in this room. I must say, my hubby was right, I did manage to fill it up in no time with all my things...ah Heaven....
Next post--All Moved In!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

What a beautiful mess I"m in!!!

This is a picture of my son painting the ceiling in my new sewing room. This was my youngest sons bedroom but he has just bought a new home and moved out a few weeks ago, so I lay claim to his room as it"s so much bigger than the sewing room I already have. Only thing is the wallpaper & border in here are fishing. The wallpaper is flies for fly fishing and the border is fish. Guess what? I"m NOT changing it. Too much of an expense, too much work and besides it is still in good shape, so it stays. I will probably hang so much stuff on the wall it won"t matter anyway!
Cleaning out the old sewing room.

And check out this mess! I"m actually trying to get things organized before I move in the other room. Hopefully by next week I"ll be all moved in my new room so I can finally get stitching again...will post more pics as I move..

Friday, May 7, 2010

Another great give-away!

Please run over to Nicki Lees blog and check out her great give-away. (mention my name too). Pretty creative lady that Nicki Lee!


Please hop on over and check out Kathys give-away and check out her awesome etsy shop while your there!


Monday, May 3, 2010

CQI Purse contest pictures!

This is a close up view of the front view of the purse I made for the CQI purse contest. I can now blog about it because today the winneres were announced..NO I did not win, but with all the creative talented bunch of girls that made purses it"s no wonder. The winners were all gorgeous and truly deserved to win.

This is the back side of the purse.

Front side of the purse.. I"ve decided that next year I would like to pull some creative "magic" out of my hat and enter the contest again. It"s all fun!

Now for some other news, since my youngest son moved out I have been busy taking over his bedroom. I already have a sewing room but oh his bedroom is SO much bigger. I"ve had the ceiling painted, I need to wash walls and move right in. I"ve been going through my stuff and getting things ready to move in there. My hubby insists that within a very short time that this room won"t be big enough for me either. I"ll post pictures of this "process" shortly!! So stay tuned.....