Friday, August 27, 2010

"Are you a teacher?"

A little observation here..... One day this week I was shopping at a big name office supply store here in town, they were having a "Back to school" sale. These composition notebooks were on sale for .10 cents a piece. So to take advantage of such a good price I grabbed 10 of them along with a few other items and proceeded to the cash. Now mind you the display where these notebooks were was quite high, and they had several displays the same, they must have had a ga-zillion of them! The girl at the cash said to me, "there is a limit of 3 per customer." There was no sign saying that nor did it say that in the sales flyer..anyway I said to her, "oh I didn"t realize there was a limit." She then says to me, "well wait, are you a teacher?" She kind of caught me off guard there for a minute, after all there were a ga-zillion of these on display! I thought for a moment and I said, "yes, yes I am a teacher. I am a mother and I have taught my children all of their lives as my mother taught me. Isn"t part of our purpose in life to be a teacher?" She was so surprised by my answer that she just scanned my items including my 10 notebooks, said have a nice day and off I went! My poor hubby just looked at me and shook his head..SO what do you say, if someone asks you if your a teacher, what would your response be?


  1. I love your response. I would not have thought it until after I left. I certainly am a teacher in THAT regard as well as a few others. However, since there was not indication that there was a limit. I would not have left the store with any less than 10 notebooks!

  2. I have never had a problem with imparting knowledge to those who ask (however obliquely), by ignorance or deficient information.
    I absolutely am a teacher!
    not of just my own unwashed miscreants but of all their friends and a few who weren't! (and probably didn't ask!)
    I was also the librarian of an elementary school for 9 years so that may explain it!)

  3. What an excellent answer you gave! I doubt I would’ve been as quick-thinking as you. (instead, I would’ve argued that if a limit wasn’t posted, I expected to purchase 10. Period.) But of course, all parents are teachers, even if only by example. Good on you, Debbie!! Hugs, Cathy

  4. You are such a little firecracker! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the personal email about the fires.

    It's good to see you! And I will soooooo miss you in Estes Park. I hope you get to feeling better. Don't forget to take care of you while you're caring for everyone else!

  5. I would have said:

    "I not a public school teacher but I am a teacher here in life...does that count?"

    Then I would have pushed for the discounted price! :)

    Thank you for your sweet words about my girl as a bride. I miss her more than I can say... My life changed when she left our home. She was sooo full of life and joy and she took part of that with her when she married. It's why I don't want to leave this home until they drag me away. The memories of my grown children carry me though each and every day...

    Love to you~


  6. What a great answer! Good on you! Yes, as mothers we are teachers, definitely! Congratulations. I am a new blogger from South Australia. I just love your blog, so I am following it. My blog is if you wanted to look, although it is new and I havent got any photos on it yet. If you do any Swaps, I would love to join them. Hugs & Blessings from Sue x

  7. Good answer! High 5 to you.
    You have a lovely blog, so lovely that I decided to follow you.
    My daughter and I just covered a bunch of compo books for her daughter's birthday party. Are you planning to decorate yours too?