Friday, August 20, 2010

A Whole DIFFERENT kind of Victorian!

This is Uga, he is a 2 yr. old Victorian Bulldog and has come to live with Todd & Melissa. I have always said I love, love, love anything Victorian mostly because of its delicate beauty. You tell me, what do you think? Here he is getting a bath.
Don"t forget my wrinkles mama!
This is Sunshine, she came to live with them last winter and she certainly is a beauty..

This is their family picture, Todd, Uga, Melissa & Sunshine sitting on the steps of their brand new home. Life is good!


  1. I don't know about delicate....but he is a beauty! Sunshine is a really pretty girl, too. I'm so glad to see the 'kids' sitting on THEIR porch.

    Huggles :-)

  2. Uga is a beautiful boy!

    We are partial to bulldogs in our family. Our dog is a mix of English bulldog and springer spaniel. He's a handsome fellow, and our daughter's dog is a bulldog and boxer mix. He's a cutie too!

  3. Uga is, without a doubt, a lovely vision of bulldogginess!
    though he does look a little sullen and put upon in that first picture!