Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Almost done!

Where have I been for 2 weeks? I"ve been right here plugging along working on this piece quite a bit. Be sure to click on the picture to enlarge it so you can see the beads. All the tiny sweetheart roses have beads in the center, and the leaves took quite a bit of time also. Still not sure about a few of the appliques I have just pinned down. I think I over-think my choices too much. Oh well!
This picture here really shows all the leaves and can you see the cute little bear I used for the center of the flower. Every little girl needs a bear!
So this is near the end, now I have to re-paint the frame it will go in and that will be it. I do have a few other projects I"m working on for CQI but I can"t blog about them yet.....stay tuned..........hugs & best stitches, Debbie


  1. oh that is magnificent. I love do crazy quilts but sheesh your work is so intricate. Just lovely

  2. Debbie It is so beautiful. I know that must sound like a kletchet' but it there is only one other way to discribe it and that is gorgeous.
    Hugs karol

  3. What a beautiful piece I just love the picture and the colors, thanks for stopping by, Pearl

  4. Just beautiful Debbie! Sure wish I lived close so I could come over for coffee and pick your brains about my problems with composition, colour, coherence, etc. I think you definitely have all the answers!