Friday, August 27, 2010

"Are you a teacher?"

A little observation here..... One day this week I was shopping at a big name office supply store here in town, they were having a "Back to school" sale. These composition notebooks were on sale for .10 cents a piece. So to take advantage of such a good price I grabbed 10 of them along with a few other items and proceeded to the cash. Now mind you the display where these notebooks were was quite high, and they had several displays the same, they must have had a ga-zillion of them! The girl at the cash said to me, "there is a limit of 3 per customer." There was no sign saying that nor did it say that in the sales flyer..anyway I said to her, "oh I didn"t realize there was a limit." She then says to me, "well wait, are you a teacher?" She kind of caught me off guard there for a minute, after all there were a ga-zillion of these on display! I thought for a moment and I said, "yes, yes I am a teacher. I am a mother and I have taught my children all of their lives as my mother taught me. Isn"t part of our purpose in life to be a teacher?" She was so surprised by my answer that she just scanned my items including my 10 notebooks, said have a nice day and off I went! My poor hubby just looked at me and shook his head..SO what do you say, if someone asks you if your a teacher, what would your response be?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gerrys Give-away!!

My dear friend Gerry is having an awesome give-away. You must hop on over to her blog and check it out! There are 2 awesome prizes, the 1st being one of her GO-A-JUS pincushions. I have seen these in person and they are to die for.
The 2nd prize on her give-away are some of her again GO-A-JUS birds painted on mother of pearl buttons. I have also been fortunate to see these in person AND sat right next to her when she did a class at the, fun, fun! SO ladies for a chance to win hop on over to her blog and leave a comment for a chance to win!!!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Whole DIFFERENT kind of Victorian!

This is Uga, he is a 2 yr. old Victorian Bulldog and has come to live with Todd & Melissa. I have always said I love, love, love anything Victorian mostly because of its delicate beauty. You tell me, what do you think? Here he is getting a bath.
Don"t forget my wrinkles mama!
This is Sunshine, she came to live with them last winter and she certainly is a beauty..

This is their family picture, Todd, Uga, Melissa & Sunshine sitting on the steps of their brand new home. Life is good!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Mother

August 19th 1912-Dec. 24th 2009
I could not let the day go by without acknowledging today would have been my mothers 98th birthday. After 12 yrs. living with Alzeheimers Disease she passed away on Christmas Eve last year. I love and miss her so much..

Monday, August 16, 2010

It"s been a while!

Wow it certainy has been a while hasn"t it?? Well you know what they say, "life" gets in the way sometimes and it kind of did. But things are better now and I have started to stitch again.. This 1st picture is for everyone who commented on my sewing room saying it looked too neat and organized. Well so much for that. This is what it looks like when I am "creating"!
One table just isn"t enough sometimes. I was in the process of piecing the Victorian tree-skirt I am doing. I"m thinking this will be a long project as there are 12 wedges for this tree-skirt. I"ll probably be lucky if I do one a month. Sometimes things take me longer than they should as I am easily distracted..then when going through supplies, let"s say I"m looking for a small piece of lace, it seems ALL the lace comes out even after I think I have the right one. I should just pick one and use it but I keep searching in case there"s a better one I the only one that does that??

This is the 1st wedge I have chosen to work on, some of these wedges I pieced on the machine then I wanted to try my hand at hand pieing and I must say I liked the hand-piecing alot..

This is one of the many gorgeous silkies I have chosen to put on wedge #1. The holly leaves on this are a blue-gray so I chose to outline some with Krenik metallic thread and of course holly berries with silk ribbon french knots.

Isn"t she just the cutest little angel you"ve ever seen. I highlighted her wing with Krenik blending filament. This is the first time I really get into doing the hair and I love it. I used reg. DMC threads and boullion stitches. Fun, fun, fun. I"ll post some more pics as I go along and thanks for stopping by..